You’re the Best

You’re the best I have ever have,i can’t tell you how much you have change the way I view about life but dam I miss you alittle too much, alittle too often, and alittle more everyday



Why remain loyal to someone , who isn’t loyal to you? listen loyalty is rare now a days , and if you’re one of those people who still know the definition of loyalty , i respect you. But you cant remain loyal to someone who goes around your back doing sneaky shit . Nahh you need to cut those type people off right away, all they’re going to bring to you is drama and be unnecessary problems instead of happiness. If you know you’re loyal, and you aint getting shxt on return you just need to walk away from that person……no matter how much like them….

Sweet Talk

UPDATES: There’s been good discussion on Twitter regarding this post. I have added updates at the end.


Net Neutrality is great, but there’s an achievable policy that’s even better. Get the solution that provides consumer protection AND entrepreneurial innovation AND good Netflix download rates.


What’s going on?

The news of the day is that President Obama has announced that the FCC should reclassify Internet service providers (like Comcast, Time Warner, and Google Fiber) from “information services” to “common carriers”, essentially transforming them into something more like a utility (like your local Gas & Electric Company) than the competitive business you know today. The FCC is an independent agency, so Obama’s announcement isn’t policy, but of course the President’s words have weight and meaning.

The Problems

Of course, some readers are already scoffing. “Competitive business? What competition? Most local ISP markets are one-provider affairs. There’s no competition from the…

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